Friday, April 26, 2013

About hate and love - My literal revenge.

This blog, which meant for no-one, but only those people, who can avoid advertising. This is for you. Here is a picture of an dolly.

Here they were happy
"Here we are happy, say it Ken, or die trying"
  • * You are not gonna get away from this one
* My everything is cute, or die trying

* If you thinks, that's not proper English, but I will standandos by your side, cause I am a superstar
  • '* If  we every sould brakeup, I'm gonna fuck you up mentally, environmentally, baconly, and just for the hatred itself. Hear, here, he. be-. -Oscar Milde

  • I was Happy, with big letters, it only started, when I started to feel unhappy, when you were hateful about everything, to say the least. I can't really recall you saying anything positive about anyone (but me, but I'm a superstar))

  • I wanted to stay with you. I was never running away. I had doubts of being with someone. I didn't want to move on with you, cause when things go wrong, they might go wrong sideways. I was afraid. 

  • You were cute as hell. You still are. Your skin is the oil of angels, even when you woke grumpy. I had smelly feet. I hate my smelly feet. They never compare to your natural beauty. 
Your English was always great. I think I learned from you. I'm sorrry that I said sometimes wrong. It wasn't 

meant to teach you, and you found out, I appreciate that you are also a journalist and a producer.

Now you hate me for being. Maybe a superstar, or maybe literate something, or maybe just a person who doesn't want you to hate. And I'll drink to that.

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