About the author

Author of this blog is a diplomatic immigrant who is surfacing at Dublin just to find out that people drive on the wrong side of the road - or was it the other way around. Finnish talking, Swedish born, Kallio-hearted street soldier. Heart full of good intentions, soul of a reaper, mouth of french washing machine, still paying his dues.

All that happens in Ireland is somehow familiar and when it ain't - then you just have to be diplomatic and figure out how the country rolls. This blog is supposed to be about the great feicks, but sometimes people just lose concentration of what should be meaningful. 42.

When it comes to theatre, playing poker or adjusting reality to how-things-should-be-done, author is there without his cape and his shoes. When the author sees himself in the mirror, he sees a 30+ single man, with no children, and nowhere to go back to. Cards are dealt and sometimes others see what he sees, because he is using mirror glasses and loses the game. Everything he writes is true.

If you think that South Park is too good for tv (that's why I watch it via their homepages), Eurovision is gay enough, Whiskey should be drank in barrels without ice, coffee is only good in size of gallons, metric system is better and God should exist for the sake of some people, then you'll probably prefer my kind of Joe.

Author's review of the world is not sarcastic, it's diplomatic.


Tv-series, which I can recommend, I have enjoyed alphabetically:
Babylon 5 (first season is an intro, the fifth is like a long epilogue, but still good)
Battlestar Galactica
Desperate Housewives
Heroes (first two seasons)
Gilmore Girls, the (haven't seen all the episodes, but I will watch everyone of them someday)
M.D. House (until the fifth season)
Oz, The
Raid (Finnish hard-boiled crime genre, it's only one season, but it can be obtainable with subtitles)
Simpsons, The
South Park
Star Trek - The Next Generation (specially after the first season)
Twin Peaks
X-files (first five seasons)
V (the original and the reboot are both good)
(I decided to leave out tv-series, which have their moments, but the reason is, that I could live without them)


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