Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do you believe in Theological Atheism?

Author of the blog writes about how he ended up to be a Theological Atheist. Scene's middle act is about growing up, and most of those are made-up for those with literal conscience. The ending is about why Stephen Hawking might have been up to something, and the Author agrees smiling.

I was raised as a Christian, and I had Jesus (or Jaysus) in my mind when going to sleep, and waking up. But I wasn't born Christian, and I did not end one - as far as I can tell. I can't point out the actual moment, when I stopped being a Christian. I probably was never a good Christian either. I did say my prayers. I even tried to haggle with God, which I think plenty of Christians still do, like trading favours of doing good deeds, and expecting in return fame, wealth, love, and excellent On The Ball skills of Champion's League level.  It was roundabouts twelve when I realised that I wasn't connected to the almighty and throwing rocks at people who disappoint me -god.

I must admit that the following teenage angst phase wasn't any easier without the almighty watchful eye above me. Maybe I would have become a better person with a lot of goodness in my heart to share if Eastern Bunny and Santa Claus would have been there for me. Probably I would have used half of my life feeding the poor, and striving for peace if I would have taken the Burning Bush inside my heart instead of my lungs. Instead I became the beloved and feared champion of The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I was so full of the God thing that the only thing worst then people preaching and subjugating to Christianity was the holocaust.

Teenage years and early adulthood was spent either studying other religions, history, and philosophy, or promoting free-mindedness and Atheism. But not without a cost. I have been almost always ready to take the challenge of battling out in the philosophical battlefield of beliefs, mostly advocating against God, or by going to the laughable degrees of demanding evidence of the forces unseen. Some could argue that I have taken the scientific road, the liberal biased view, or even the ugly and godless reality based world view, which to my own defend isn't all that I got.

Maybe arts in all of it's forms is a god to someone, or at least a something that is opposed to reality as being more than just physics. Philosophy of ideas that are not bound to any physical form although manifests itself in the space-time continuum of atoms.

During that miserable, and almost unbearable time, I found out about Stephen Hawking by accident mostly. He had written this nice little book about The History of Time. Which is a good book, if you are not too much into that shit about physics undergraduate level, nor to that the History Is Always Accurate kind of nonsense.

He threw this quick explanation about the expanding universe. The idea was that by following the red shift, a color affecting stars' colors, scientist could explain the idea how the stars in our galaxy are going away from each other, and in the middle there is a huge black hole which tries to capture all the runaway stars. And they could also use the idea to somehow explain the age of the universe. Current estimate is about 13,4 - 13,8 billion years. It's funny how astronomical measures can be like measured to very close to, approximately, take or leave, here and now, about few hundred millions of years. But this is my opinion only

But as a true scientist, he also wrote in his book, that it could be possible that God wanted us to see the universe that way, hence making a compromise between the Creationist's believes of Earth being around 5000-7000 years old, and the other explanation where you could include the few hundreds of millions of years, take or leave a few billions.

This is where I am.

I am an Atheist, who believes that there is no God. Still I would like to make compromises even though mother taught me not to do any, cause then you will have to do those for the rest of your life.

Maybe God intended me to be an Atheist. I want to believe in that. And here I pronounce the faith of the Theological Atheism born. Join me. God wants you to be an Atheist.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Sequel of Critics

First of all, Jean-Claude Van Damme is a star, and a lot better of an actor than Steven Seagull. Fortunately he has not made politically motivated movies filled with a social consciousness agenda as the mentioned Seagull, or Sylvester Stallone, or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I still usually enjoy Van Damme's movies. Yesterday when I saw Universal Soldier: The Return, I was not missing words, I had a hard time figuring out how to put them on paper.

The first of the movies, the original Universal Soldier, included Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Dolph Lundgren (guy who played also the infamous The He-Man, and The Punisher). They both play soldiers who die in the line of duty, and are resurrected with this amazing technology which puts them back on the playing field. They are enhanced in many ways, but it comes with a trait that they have to be cooled down all the time, or they will malfunction. The original movie had a storyline which took a while to play out.

These dead soldiers are like game pawns in the great game of generals, and instead of building bigger bombs they want to build this perfect soldier which costs like millions of dollars, and are hard to deploy, and maintain. Almost like Hornets except they cannot fly, and they are not equipped with anything good, except a great speed, strength, and other superhuman abilities like eating lots of food.

There was something wrong with this sequel, and it might affect every other sequel in the fransiche, franciche, franscheer, whatever fransische (looking for the term of describing some continuum of products based on a brand [self note: correct this when you get the word, or publish it, nobody cares]).

I'll start with the title. Say it out loud, say Universal Soldier: The Return. I think the only reason why the came out with that title, is because it's cool. It's better than Universal Soldier: The Sequel. When searching through IMDB I can find 7 titles of Universal Soldier, and six of them are probably a part of this continuum.

The Return was made 1999. There are also two movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme after that. And one movie didn't star Van Damme, but that one got made during the same year starring Burt Reynolds. The movies starring Mr. Van Damme are named Regeneration (2009), and The Day of Reckoning (2012). All of them are rated bad by the baseline of IMDB.

Why do they make these movies? I think Van Damme and Universal Soldier are like a bad pizza. Even when it's horrible, it's still kind of good. I will not give you any spoilers. Return's main plot is a Skynet kind of a computer which becomes self conscious, and this is bad because it is a part of a thing called "Matrix" which interlocks with every Universal Soldier. It's called Seth. Not like Hal, in the Space Odyssey 2001, but it has a rounded ball as a face, and it has a picture of unchanging Rubik's cube inside the ball. Maybe somebody unconsciousnessly thought about Stanley Kubrick.

Movie is cut abruptly. Everytime somebody says something dramatic, and there is supposed to happen something even more dramatic, the film keeps rolling just like it's trying to be an hour plus something movie in length. Sometimes the action happening around of actors, and actors saying their lines seem to be from other movies. In Jean-Claude Van Damme's case I don't know what is happening. In the story he is shown to have a daughter, and when everything goes wrong, his motivation seems to be that of her daughter, but for some reason it seems like he keeps forgetting his daughter.

"Isn't your daughter in there?" comes out in one scene. Then Van Damme is smiling to the person asking the question. Then he looks out in the soul of human kind (which is one Van Damme's right side, which is probably the reason why it took so long for him to react), and after a pause which feels like a minute, he says "I hope she is alright". And then nothingness. Sometimes it seems like nobody really cares if the movie comes out wrong or right.

The movie sucked, and I probably have to see those newer sequels.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Darker Indie Batman - Boy Wonder

Nice random pick from Netflix today. After watching the latest episode of the much so popular Breaking Bad taking it's final trench run, I needed something fast paced action. Boy Wonder is, according to it's description, like an Indie version of Batman. Netflix says it's about a boy, who is traumatized by the death of his own mother, and becomes the vigilante to catch the bad guys.

What I didn't expect to see the Bruce Wayne High School through the glasses of early M. Night Shyamalan. I mean its clever, and it has it's twists like M. Night Shyamalan's early work. It is also dark like Frank Miller's Batman. Imdb gives the movie 6,7 out of 10 rating, but Netflix gives it 4,5 stars out of five. Netflix got much more closer to the truth, but it could be because Netflix has a much more narrow user base. My points are 4 at Netflix, and 8 at Imdb.

I couldn't help myself making comparisons with Batman, and the movie's title didn't make it easier to pass the opportunity.

Must say that Netflix picks up good indie movies, at least here in Ireland. Don't know if other parts of the world has that same luxury.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Men who hate female gamertags

Hey you, you psychophysicalsocial being! Go back to being a psychological, or physical, or social being, and do something very stereotypical from my point of a view. You cannot play on our field.

The third wave of feminism (or equalism, as some may prefer) is a mixture of modern sociology build on the political ideas of the previous generations. You might say that it goes beyond of genders, to it's core self of words in semiotical sense. See, we are not males and females, we are constructs of our minds. To make it simple, think of the movie Matrix. There is a scene where people eating, and whose whole lives have been unreal in a sense, that robots have messed with people's brains to make them observe reality as them robots want them to, start a discussion about senses, or more like, how be observe reality. These people have lived in this place called the Matrix, where every possible thing that you can imagine, is projected in your mind, and one day some of them see the light, allegorically, and start to fight against these machines. If you are not familiar with the movie Matrix, I hope you have had at least the opportunity to come across the Plato's cave allegory.

Back to the scene: people, outside of this imaginative Matrix, are feasting in this post-apocalyptic world, and eating some kind of a porridge. One of the freed souls starts to think that, as they were in the Matrix, what if the computer, which inputs all sensory data straight into people's brains, got mixed up with how things really taste. He throws out this idea of what if chicken actually tastes like that nutrious-but-undelicious porridge that they are eating, and the taste of chicken (in the Matrix) is actually from a totally different food. He even goes farther by thinking, what if the computer doesn't know what chicken tastes like at all, and that is the reason why everything tastes like chicken.

The allegory here is that every part of our used language and customs are based on transferred beliefs, and our job as thinking individuals is hard as hell. We actually have to figure out what those abstracts mean, and I must say that I'm still working on the Wittgenstein level. Wittgenstein paradoxically thought that language is so inaccurate that we shouldn't use it at all, and he went very deed explaining it to us mortals - using language. How it affects my thinking, and what's my point? Well, gender is also a product of our language, and while we can see that gender is also a physical, and a social construct, it's also a psychological construct of how we perceive it in ourselves and others.

This is the surface of my thoughts when I found this cool blog post titled "Game on ladies" on Fly Girl Gamers. It wasn't the actual post which troubled me the most. It was the commentaries - again. There must be some kinds of rules of physics that get commentaries sidetracked. I even think that there is a pseudo Hitler-card somewhere along the comment posts. Not sure.

Original post is about a guy, who finds out about how much trash young men throw against women. It's a very short, eye-opening story about a man, who logs to Xbox Live (assumption) with his wife's gamertag (that's kind of a cheating, but I'll let it slide) to play Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. Two of the other players out of four instantly start bringing this gamer down as they think that the actual player is a woman. Let me bring out that this is a co-op, a game mode where people have to work together to achieve goals. The husband stays silent, but is furious, and starts playing more seriously than ever. After the first round, he is away ahead of the two other in scores. These two, may I remind you that this is co-op, take sides to beat "her" score - failing. After the actual session, the fourth one, who hasn't spoken a word during the session and scored second best, came alive stating: "Damn, she and I had the top two ranks and you guys spent most of the match dead on your backs... You let two girls dominate you. Daaang." She was a woman, but just not speaking, cause...would you?

I think justice got served on some level, but what if the player, and the "other" girl, would have not been so great at the game? Then it would have just proven the point of - now I have to be careful - women can (also) suck at games.

I would recommend reading the comment posts, all of them, even after the hilarious KOZ ends up his ranting about the inferior women players.

Also through commentary I found two magnificient web pages, which get their empowering strength from the misogynist players hating women.

- Jacob / Jaakko / Dublimat / Jagesta

Now on xbox: Assassin's creed 2 - brotherhood, Final Fantasy XIII
Reading: Fables part 6, The fecking book of Irish history for anyone who hasn't been paying attention for the last 30,000 years, The girl with a dragon tattoo (originally: Men, who hate women)
Catching up on television: Dexter, True Blood, Quantum Leap (5th season), How I met your mother (2nd season), Falling skies (1st season)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ireland to censor the internet

It didn't take that long for Ireland to take the bait of internet censorship, which is, mildly saying, dangerous for any country. I will use the word freedom at the end of this post, but before that I will give examples of why it sucks the wrong way. I will be making comparisons to Finland, which might have the strictest laws, and enforcement of piracy laws in western Europe. Finland still stays a bit behind of some countries, which are also criticized by the liberals of the western countries, for let's say China and North Korea, and the latter mentioned two countries wouldn't be doing that good of a job without the help of the biggest piracy channel in the world, namely Google. Even this platform is provided by Google, and blogger is widely used to distribute copyrighted material - to the extent that it should be blocked on the same merits as The Pirate Bay.

First wave

First, let's take a look, how Finland has managed to handle the blocking of Pirate bay. It started with legislation of the so-called Lex Karpela in 2005. It was a bundle of laws aiming to protect companies against copyright infringements. It gave law enforcement instruments to block certain pages, and it was wildly controversial on the grounds of citizens communicating freely without governmental officials stopping it beforehand (aka. censorship)

First time Finland applied censorship of Internet, was on the grounds of fighting against child pornography. The process was to create a list of web sites, which should be censored, for distributing child pornography. As the idea might have sounded great, for it is for children's sake, it went terribly wrong, at least on three levels. Firstly, the list was not public, and nobody was held responsible, if the list had wrong sites on it. Only way for a company know that their website was blocked, and this is very true for companies not based in Finland, was to try access the page from Finland. Users trying to access blocked pages saw a warning message stating that the page is blocked because of child pornography.

So, it was basically some officials, who updated the list, and were not held liable. Ironically, one of the sites that got blocked, was a Finnish web page, which only crime was being critical against the censorship (YLE: Police censor porn website)Practically, this whole black list idea, was doing, what critics were afraid of, on the most horrifying way - blocking sites critical of the government.

Matti Nikki, who administrated the critical web page, couldn't get his web site out of the black list, because no authority recognized it's duty not to interfere with a freedom of speech. I have to point out that censorship is forbidden in Finland on it's constitution, even though it might be a closer to dead letter these days, it is still written there. Meaning it is somehow still recognized.

Thirdly, the list was shown to have a pretty vague idea of what constituted child porn. List included a plumber company (must be because that many times told audiovisual story of a plumber man and a housewife), 

So it went wrong at least on three levels: blacklisters didn't have accountability, it blacklisted critics, and there was no way for commercial web sites to get off the list, even if those web sites didn't broke any laws.

And the blacklist was also meant to be used against sites that were in countries, where there wasn't any means to prosecute potential Child Porn distributors. Most of the sites on the list were on servers based in the United States or Europe, where there are effective legislation already in place against child porn.

Second Wave

The second wave of Finnish censorship, was the Pirate bay. Lot of Finnish Internet providers were ruled to block The Pirate Bay, and it didn't go that well either. The blocks were diminished in value in a matter of hours on two counts. Finland is very technically savvy country, with a high educational standards and know-how of the information technologically. Secondly: the Facebook. Through facebook, even the people who had problems accessing The Pirate Bay before the blocks, and whose technological skills were limited to logging on to Facebook, were given instructions how to avoid the blocks. The most easiest one being the link to Estonian mirror site. Basically you just need to change the .org to .ee. Block cracked.

Then there are those proxies, which you might probably heard of. And you don't need a lot of technical skills to use those. Web is full of those. Those Chinese citizens who break the censorship of China, don't really need to be very technical. They basically just need to go to a website like, and type the web page they want to visit.

But the easiest way of them all, is the use to world's most popular pirate indexing site, is the Just try it. Or how about, or

China has a whole national department of thousands of workers working 24/7 to censor the internet, and they are not doing a very good job at it.

Secondly, the Finnish court didn't even bother to check those sites, that were about the be blocked. So they also blocked promobay, a site for indie artists to promote their own material. So, good job Ireland, and good luck enforcing your new ruling. 

So, Ireland just took a very dangerous route, which starts with blocking The Pirate Bay, and then their subsidiaries, and then pages, which might have something to do with it, and then probably the critics of the law, and then probably just obnoxious pages, and then probably this page, and soon we will notice, that we have lost our freedom.

They came first for the allofmp3,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a leech.

Then they came for the child pornography,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a pedophile.

Then they came for the pirate bay,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a pirate.

Then they came for the online poker games,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a poker player.

Then they came for the online news, chats and forums,
and I didn't speak up because I didn't care.

Then they came for me,
and by that time no one was left to speak up.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Textually Healing

I felt numb, I felt everything except feelings

I felt castrated, I didn't care to feel

Then I felt it

I used my senses

I felt the fabrics of my skin
I smelled the power of piss and shit in the bathroom
I saw knickers dancing downstairs
I heard the beating upstairs

and I woke up

Then there was a soul

It started with the satin of your skin
It continued with the smell of your empowering sweat
I was watching thy knees, elbows, and funny, scrumpy hair, which you are embarrassed of course anyways
I was hearing you explaining why you have to go to work, and heritage is important

I think and
I might and
maybe I am
Textually Healing

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I want to propose a toast, and it died in the committee

It is probably going to happen, when Keith Richards becomes the pope, when abortion is going to be legalised-legalised in Ireland. After the sad, and misfortunate death of Savita Halappanavar last year, a wide pro-abortion movement got it's momentum. What was the sad part of this act was, as the pregnant Halappanavar was dying in pain, the existence of three doctors around her bed using their fingers to explain how this 'country is catholic', and that they cannot do a life-saving surgery, because that would be an abortion. And the doctors were even sure that, there wouldn't be a baby coming out alive anyways, but just in case, that the pope would disagree, they decided to deny all their goodwill and surgical knowledge on a basis of being afraid of getting sued. That's doctor-ish approved not.

But the legislation is going forward. After the tragic death of Halappanavar, the whole country woke up, and there were promises that there will be a draft by new year's day, and the vote would take place before the May.

There was a strong, unified sense of a need for legislation change, for a while. Now, the ministers just had a 6-hour meeting, and their progress was basically, that the bill changed it's name from "The Protection of Maternal Life Bill" to "The Bill for the Protection of Life During pregnancy". When you see that kind of determination in politics, you can bet your sweet uterus against the survival of unicorns with hundred-to-one, and you will win anyways, and always.

There is also a debate of how many doctors do you need to have, to make that judgment call. They are not sure, if three doctors and two psychiatrists, or 6 doctors,  is needed for unanimous vote, because last time it only took three doctors to deny the abortion.

Of course, there is also the Iona Institute, and the like, which are more than afraid, that if there will be an abortion law, it will soon become a law basically allowing service by request. Not that anyone would be interested in the self-governance of one's own body.

This to say, I'm still on the first page of The Irish Times. There might be other faults in the world, and we'll be back right after these videos. And then there's Tom with the weather.

Friday, April 26, 2013

About hate and love - My literal revenge.

This blog, which meant for no-one, but only those people, who can avoid advertising. This is for you. Here is a picture of an dolly.

Here they were happy
"Here we are happy, say it Ken, or die trying"
  • * You are not gonna get away from this one
* My everything is cute, or die trying

* If you thinks, that's not proper English, but I will standandos by your side, cause I am a superstar
  • '* If  we every sould brakeup, I'm gonna fuck you up mentally, environmentally, baconly, and just for the hatred itself. Hear, here, he. be-. -Oscar Milde

  • I was Happy, with big letters, it only started, when I started to feel unhappy, when you were hateful about everything, to say the least. I can't really recall you saying anything positive about anyone (but me, but I'm a superstar))

  • I wanted to stay with you. I was never running away. I had doubts of being with someone. I didn't want to move on with you, cause when things go wrong, they might go wrong sideways. I was afraid. 

  • You were cute as hell. You still are. Your skin is the oil of angels, even when you woke grumpy. I had smelly feet. I hate my smelly feet. They never compare to your natural beauty. 
Your English was always great. I think I learned from you. I'm sorrry that I said sometimes wrong. It wasn't 

meant to teach you, and you found out, I appreciate that you are also a journalist and a producer.

Now you hate me for being. Maybe a superstar, or maybe literate something, or maybe just a person who doesn't want you to hate. And I'll drink to that.

If you like this, share my love and hatred.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vappuparty at Odeon

Oh me gods, and shiver my viking pants, Vappu is coming. Luckily for the Irish, Finnish-Irish society throws a preview, prequel, and predestinated mayhemous party at Odeon, on the 26th of april.

Officially it should start on the last of april and continue as long as possible. Some prefer the mayhem to continue until the midsummer.

Here's a link to the facebook-event.

You commas, and you enjoissimos the arctic hysteria.

Irish know it by Beltane. The festival revivalist should come and compare notes.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

After the Charlie Ross performance

It started over three decades ago. It affected my religious views. It affected my way to look special effects and movies. It affected what kind of music I listen. It even affected what kind of a pen I used to do notes with. If it had a dark helmet on it, it probably worked a little bit better than other pens. 

This picture is from Same Bob, different day -blog. That picture probably tells more about the strenght of the brand than about the actual story. Which is to say, it is not a very easy story to tell. Even though it includes elements of fairly recognizable fairy tale elements like knights, chivalry, princesses, and to take it a little farther, I can also find dragons in the original trilogy.

So when we went to see this One Man Star Wars trilogy to the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin center, there was actually some one along us, who hadn't seen the original at all. I don't know if it made much more sense on the stage to others, when it's told by imitating characters and special effects, but I felt confuse sometimes thinking about what scene is this.

Nevertheless, Charlie Ross delivers the package by understanding that when performing trilogy on the stage, it's more about the capsulizing and paraphrasing than being accurate. Most of the comedy comes from drawing lines in your own head. Some of the most enjoyable moments were those which at first I didn't know what they were about. Hardest scene, I think, is the trench run of the first movie. It has lots of action, some dialogue, but as a writer or director of theatre, I would think twice before taking that challenge.

Now when you think of it, it is actually a pretty stupid scene, but during that time, it had the drama of a worlds colliding kind of war.

After the show, Ross took a small moment to recapture his career. Which was a very nice monologue about how he is amazed of the lenght of the show. Of course it was also about marketing his Lord of the Rings -trilogy. Which has now an official seal on it. Ross played it for three years before asking for permission. Same thing was with the Star wars. Thing that probably has changed more in the background, is Ross doesn't pay tributes to Lucasfilm any more. Now that money goes to Mickey Mouse.

Final points for the show: Four lightsabers, one star, and one helmet using the official Star Wars rating system owned by a magical castle in California.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Star Wars is coming to town

It is a very rare treat that a theater can use a well-known and heavily copyrighted material. For example, no group without money could do Tolkien or Matrix on stage without first consulting the copyright owners. Although, for example, George Lucas has allowed people to do fanfiction as long as they give out the proper disclaimer, and don't make money out of it. And in some rare cases, he even allows people to make living out of it.

And that's the beef of this post.

I think the first time that I found out about Charlie Ross, was by an accident. I was watching theater improves at Youtube (okay, I was watching cat and Star Wars videos when I accidentally wrote Cat Wars). At first Ross adapted the first Star Wars movie to be performed by himself, and with a good feedback, and a gracious nod from George Lucas himself, he started to tour with his show. The show naturally spread to cover the original trilogy as a whole. I believe I found Ross sometime between 2005 and 2006. And I dreamed about doing the same stuff in Finland, or even  better yet, produce Charlie Ross' show.

Yesterday somebody gave me a link to his homepage stating that this might interest me. Then I reacted as I normally do when I want to be obnoxious bastard, and shouted: "Old! I saw that dude at Youtube before you learned to write theater correctly (I still use the English version 'theatre' often, but bloggers proofreader always highlights it)". But just for the nostalgia, I decided to investigate guy's homepage, and then it struck me. Ross is going to be performing here in Dublin next month for a week. Jolly jeepers, gosh, gesundheit, bless you, and Holy patrimony I said, and my friend nodded with a unspoken gesture: "I knew this might interest me".

Here's a teaser. I believe this was originally made to promote Pepsi when the new trilogy was wasting people's time. I might be working. I don't have enough journalistic integrity at the moment to check my facts. So enjoy, and make your reservations, but not too soon, I still haven't gotten my own ticket. Tickets can be reserved from the ticketmaster. Show is played at the Gaiety theatre.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ireland is loosening the backing up of banks

It seems that the Irish politicians are figuring out, that it's not in the best interest of the poor or the rich, to guarantee banking in this country. At least when it comes to socialising deficits and letting the bankers to go with the profits.

Michael Noonan announced that Ireland will stop giving that special care to bankers. But will this be enough for the economy to go "normal"? This is Captain Hindsight talking, but it doesn't seem fair that banks will be paid if somebody can't afford to pay their loans, but those who owe to banks still owe to the banks. I might be a bit slow, and my education is based on the Finnish educational system, and my opinions are only based on to the people I trust my money with, but it seems a bit - no exaggerations - unfair.

It would seem fairer for all the participants in the economical field to have comparable changes of opportunity to win, and in cases of losing, having same probable consequences. Now it seems that many households are still holding the dead man's hand, while the banks win championships of poker with ten-deuces off every year.

But at least this country hasn't lost it's sense of humour. Government will probably still get their vote of confidence through every voter's own argumentation. On my behalf, I should use more of my time tuning into the political field of Ireland, just in case it would help me to understand how politics is understood by the so called common man.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

While waiting a bus

You would think that it would be hard to start thinking about transportation for hobby. I mean, there are like 6 billion people here, and nobody really has a small talk subject ready for transportation the same way they do about weather. When people talk about transportation, they are not really engaged to small talk, but preferably they are trying to find a scapegoat for why their project is late, sometimes the project being the individuals themselves who are late for meetings, work, children, or something similar, which they try to avoid anyways. Luckily I had time to think about this little intro while I was waiting for a bus for 45 minutes.

Dublin bus just raised their ticket fares a few months ago.  Reasoning behind it was, that people would start using more buses, which is good for environment. Hmmm. There is something I would like to point out, but it seems they are right. Education and health is only appreciated if you want to pay money for it. Look at all those pharmaceutical companies which are getting billions of euros, just for promoting health. So if they would double their fares people wouldn't be using anything that buses.

I think people use buses when they are on time and are helpful for people trying to move themselves from a location A to a location B. Those yellow things seem to achieve that goal sufficiently, and local people here know that those timetables that are shown on bus stops are really for movies. Because, wouldn't you, if you were a movie producer or a director making a movie in Dublin, want to have a bus stop for the scene involving a timetable? That's apparently the sole reason for those markers. It's also easier to find a bus stop.

Going in and out of buses is fairly an easy process. When going in you throw some money in a box and tell the driver how much there is in the box, and the driver prints you an ticket stating that amount. Someone, more intelligent and creative than I am, might find a way to abuse this. I'm just trying to have correct amount of small change readily available at all times. I'm very good at it. I never have large amounts of change.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Like a Pope

It started as an idea: "Will 'downshifting like a pope'" become the new euphemism to mean relaxing, taking it easy, the zen of traffic, or something alike. But the whole world seemed to be open. This serious, although senile ex-nazi with an imaginery friend, is a meaningful icon for so many of us, that it was almost unavoidable that there would be some other remarks made about the resignation of the Pope.

One of my good ones was that if the Facebook, which seems to be a popebook for awhile, had a possibility of making someone a pope. "Somebody poped you. Do you want to pope him/her back?" could be the future feature of Facebook.

Although Facebook had a bad start in the stock market, when they released a lot of stocks, which lost lot of their value in a short amount of time. Luckily, Facebook is still kicking and making money, it's like a miracle. They had the quickest fall of stock price in near history, but the company didn't have to go bankrupt. Could that be like "going Pope". Like losing value, but still kicking.

When Benedict the 16th (or how the Latin-speaking world remembers him as Benedict the XVI) gave out his shock resignation, I think many thought that "one cannot just pope and stop". I even believe that if it's true that Benny's bodyguards have to give a vow promising to take the bullet for the guy; the vow probably includes that you should "never lose the Pope". This could also be a part of his personal assistant's job description. At least if you think how seniles the CEOs have been.

As living in a Catholic country, which is somehow known for a vast use of drugs (including alcohol), it would be reasonable to assume that there would be a game for children to test their ability to pronounce English words as fast as they can. "How much dope would a pope dope, if a pope would dope pope" might be very soon a part of the official curriculum for children under eight. I won't go any farther that road on my thought. It seems that lots of Pope's employees have done that journey and gotten away with a few Ave Marias.

I shouldn't pope too much, as there is probably going to be a debate of what it means if the Disco Guy of Vatican stops discoing. And by disco, it can be fair to say, that haven't seen during my whole life a guy who is so much into gaypimp-style, and still be in a closet. Seriously dudes, that hat, those shoes, and that amazing long gown. Seriously, what the pope?!?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday, February 8, 2013

No More War -Tarja

"No more War! Tarja from Finland" Previous Finnish President was Tarja Halonen. Here she is probably building her legacy.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Belfast's Graffiti wall

Where I come from, street art is a real debate. In Belfast there's really cool wall full of graffiti, poems, greetings, and so on.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Belfast's spotting

Pro tips for visiting Belfast from Dublin.
- Buy tickets beforehand. 31 euros with a train both ways versus 55 euros for a trip longer than a day.

- If you want to use the Hop-on hop-off bus, buy tickets beforehand from the internetz. Adult tickets cost 12.5 Pounds. Compared to 9 pounds bought in advance.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

To culturalismos to being too hot to handle hikes

If I could start a post with the word "I", I would, but something in my nature forbids me to start anything that starts with my own ambitions. But I'm going to just shed a light of some organisational business, that I got involved. I think it will be good for me, and for the rest of the Irish society. I'm already comfortable complaining about things, just like the sovereign Irish do. Like tiny little bosses. My complaining is more like a part of getting comfortable with the things that should be better.

There is a saying, if somebody can't do it, do it better yourself. So I have almost decided to become a route and timing planner for Dublin bus. At the moment there are no openings on that section at the I'm also planning to be the host of a Pub Quiz, which has sure questions, and a very uptight judge who decides what is the closest answer to a question about the name of the band, which John F. Kennedy would be playing with, if he would be alive.

On that note, it must be commented that I was today at the Irish-Finnish Society's annual meeting. Quick to say, I'm now also a part of some subcommittee or likewise of the forementioned club of friendly people helping other people to be friendly, and to be aware of the awesome relationship between Irish and le fölks of Finland. People who would know my political, or comparable, background would say that, now there is going to be some serious shit down, or about to hit the fan. History will speak it's own language.

Anyways I met this guy who has some kind of cultural attendance of things that seem great, even if the audience with the big bucks ain't around. He is having a tribute to Neil Young on next week's saturday at a place close to the central, but I forgot the name of the band.

Also in the news. I'm going on my first gig here in Ireland on 18th of May. I'm giving a welcomed kick in the arse for one of the most amazing voices that the world hasn't heard of before. News coming up later on. During this abrupt moment of saying so much by saying nothing, I'm going to need some ideas for how to pursue my idea of making Lose Yourself a even better arrangement than Eminem meant.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Aphorisms for the weak

I hate violence, so I kicked it in the face.

Remember when ancient Romans were a cliche.

There was a time when professional meant getting paid for. Now we can see professional jobseekers everywhere.

What does time have to do with it, when you are already late.

Who are we to say what we hear?

Powerful are the weak, when they think of the opposite.

If the most famous fictional Danish prince Hamlet was a real thing, he would still speak English.

If Chuck Norris laughed at himself, people would have hard time deciding, is it a matter of life and a roundhouse kick.

Chickens lay eggs, eggs are like children, does it mean if I drop them, they will crack.

When walking in straight line and nobody is monitoring, is the line really straight, or are we just too gay to notice it at all.

If you wish for rain, and it doesn't rain, is it a rainy day then?

Some say to vegetarians, that Hitler was the most well known vegetarian, and he had just one ball. People forget how a great guy Josef Stalin was.

Man walks into a pub. The pub never forgave him.

It is said that all the good things in life come in small packages. Does that mean that the big ones doesn't?

If you open your heart to the whole wide world, there is going to be a draft inside.

Teaching children to behave is like behaving amongst children. 

Don't do compromises. When you start doing those, you have to do them for the rest of your life. So don't.

Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask where is it.

When doing Sudokus or crossword puzzles, always use paintball. Using a pencil is practicing. Bosses and chiefs use paintballs.

Discussing of offsides is the art of understanding. 

Why would anybody want an iphone 5, when they could get a cancer and die alone?

I want to write laws, which nobody obeys, but always think that there should be something written about it.

Remote control is usually in the refrigerator, pencil behind your ear, glasses on your forehead, but there is really no place for abrupt poems.

I've had problems with my eyes, so I'm trying different glasses. This one is filled with Guinness.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Fourth Season of Ireland

Sometimes, when people ask, why I moved to Ireland, I say "because of the weather". It's a good icebreaker. Haven't met any Irish local yet, who isn't aware that the rest of the the world sees these closely located two island nations, England and Ireland, as the lands of constant rain. Sometimes, when folks back home ask about the weather, I explain that it's like a karaoke bar. If you don't like it, next one is up in fifteen minutes. Although I haven't been to a karaoke bar, where the shortest available song is the Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

What people don't realise is that Ireland has four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer is usually fifteen minutes long between the short bursts of rain (or fog as it is sometimes referred as) and it lasts about the whole year. And then there's the winter.

This year, winter started yesterday, at about 9 am, with a long-waited snow pouring all-over the country.

And it lasted until 12 pm. I believe this was expected. Local media started to hyperbole the upcoming blizzard storm, that will destroy all living things, sometimes very close to november. Illustration used, was usually pictures taken from Antarctica and photoshopped with people freezing dead.

During that long winter The Guardian even got their glacier expert to explain why some of the ice is slippy and some of it is grippy.

Also in the breaking news: England and Ireland were officially closed and put in to quarantine for the whole time. Here's a short caption of the news feed: this one from BBC. Dublin Bus gave out information of those bus lines that would still be going if anything fails. Basically the buses still followed the same distinctive routine of Zen, that keeps them running regardless of the weather. They just drove around laughing at the timetables.

After three hours of unsustainable living conditions, the winter was officially over, and the head smurf Enda Kenny pronounced, that there will be ice-cream for everyone.

Now that the winter is long past, we all can start enjoying the spring. There will probably be some rains joining us tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Jenny

Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. That's common knowledge, so common, that you don't have to explain to anyone, where it's from. Also Lord of the Rings; it also common - nobody is expected to have read to fekin trilogy to know what is a hobbit.

If somebody knows what these beforemenionted jackasses are about, they usually want to make sure that they know their stuff. By sword if necessary.

I'm different. I learned that the person I love, and probably enjoy anyways, has not seen Star Wars. I was not going the be the one who  forces her the see the original trilogy, because of it. We were watching Boondocks Saints II, when I threw a joke about it: "You've have not probably seen Indiana Jones movies either", and this was because she enjoyed the Skyfall-flick, and this is the first Bond-movie I liked. Later on, I understood that there are lots of films, which I'm referring to, but she only understands the referendum-jokes, because it's so common knowledge.

What started as a Joke, is going to be a project. Because everyone knows why they like those movies, which should be a part of common knowledge.

This is Project Jenny. This a list of movies, she should have been seen, but she hasn't, but there should be a reason why she should see them. Funny part is this: She explained to me why I missed all the good parts while  watching Machete.

So if people could explain why Jenny should see these (at least) movies:
- Star Wars IV-Vi (from New Hope to Jedi xxxx)
- Indiana Jones (everyone of them)
- Casablanca (where the "play it again, Sam" comes from)
- Gone with the wind (this is the one with the "dear Frank, I give a damn, no, not this one, what was the line again, oh yeah, Dear Frank my damn goes again, no that's not it, it's Dearly Frank, I write this as I am and beloved, no this is not the line neither, please forgive me, I will do it perfectly if somebody could help me to memorise the line")
- Citizen Kane (I'm actually not sure if she has seen this one)
- Godfather 1 and (third one is a comeback-movie,which explains why "I try to get out, but they always pull me back in")
- Back to the Future
- Matrix 2, and 3
- Reservoir dogs (and everyone of Tarantino's movies: "I don't like violent movies -- but you should see Macete")

And this is the the list so far, but, and there is always a but, I find myself trying to explain why these movies should have been seen already. But my reasonings are even more than just faulty. I would like people to give me reasoins why Jenny should see these movies. This list is probably going to be alive, because she she says to lots of movie, which I like, but she doesn't see the reason to watch those.She has seen Ghostbusters of course, but she doesn't see any reason to watch mentioned movies.

What I ask: Contribute to project Jenny
Project Jenny: Tell why certain movies should be seen (list might change) - name the movie and the reasons!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Hobbit: an unexpected review by me

Yesterday I went to see the new Hobbit movie in Blanchardstown Odeon Theater. I was already exhausted with the bad reviews the movie had accumulated during it's first month. The Atlantic's Noah Berlatsky wrote of "Peter Jackson's Violent Betrayal of Tolkien", which left me expecting that this will be The Matrix two and three combined the bad way, with ninjadwarves devastating every little cute animal and troll in middle-earth.

Also, one Finnish review spoke of the new technique being too much for human eye, giving people headaches and other unwanted affects. That particular review was more of the critic's nauseous feelings than anything actually concerning the film except for those small parts where the credits we're mentioned.

We arrived ten minutes late in theater, and thought that we can skip the commercials. The movie started late because of technical problems. But the crew handled it well and made me feel at ease. If you know the nervous feeling when you are in the queue of a supermarket, and you have only one or two articles which you want to buy, and on that specific particular moment every grandmother and family, of at least seven, is in front of you, and every one of them have forgotten their wallets (or equivalent of moneyholders) underneath their huge amounts of groceries to be bought, and you are like "c'mon, move it assholes, before I get Michael Douglas-on-Falling-down on your asses. I had that similar feeling for the moment, and it was cumulative with  the unpleasant feeling I got from listening a few creamass youngsters talking about how they got nothing for Christmas (except for earrings, pillows, pillowcases, etc. but not the membership card for Jimmy's, which is what she would really have wanted).

Hopefully you can grasp the moment how I felt before the movie, because after that everything went to better.

Commercials were cut off because of the delay. Opening credits, and then boom:

Bilbo Baggins is starting his memoirs in the old good Shire, dwarves are losing their mountain of home to some badass dragon, and there is something wrong with the picture. What is wrong with the picture? Everything seems so clear, and beautiful, details look like in real life (or at least as close as it has ever been), and the reason is that the action is unfolded in a 48 ffpbs format (forty-eight fuckin frames per bloody second, Peter Jackson's marvelous new format). This is probably the best thing I've ever seen this far.

And what about the action sequences. There isn't that much of it, as one would expect. My expectations were on the level of the later Matrix movies, but I was surprised. No yawning on that frontier. The level was just about right, take or leave a few clips of axesurgery. I have always thought that good books should be made into tv-series unless they are the evil darkspawn of Dan Brown (pun intended, cause I like to read his books, so I can complain about them). No living pictures can handle an average length of an american season format of 12-24 episodes of Dan Brown. Hobbit part one really digs into the Tolkien's book without missing anything critical. Even the lovely lyrics have been arranged to beautiful harmonies, which feel like as they were written by Tolkien himself. Also the naive and jolly feeling of the book's beginning is captured as emotionally as I remember it, when reading the book on my teenage years.

Now the expectations have lifted, and I am ready to crush the part two. If using the range from 9 to 10, I'll give this first one, hmmm, ten.

Howard Shore - Misty Mountains - The Hobbit: an unexpected Journey soundtrack
Misty Mountains by Howard Shore on Grooveshark

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finnish police will start distributing malware in a year

As I wrote about this absurdity of confiscating 9-year old girl's Winnie The Pooh -laptop couple of months ago for piracy, my subtext was about that there is something seriously wrong in Finland. It seems, that even though Finland gets very good ratings for their educational system and the IT know-how is in a very good shape, the legislator seems to be unaware of the laws being written.

In 2014 new police law will be enforced in Finland. Legislator has thought it to be a good idea for police officials to start distributing malware.

When thinking of all the norty little things done in the cyberworld, it seems uncalled that officials starts to do something that, I believe without looking the statistics,  most internet users think as being malicious, unthoughtful and unfair. And again, I only believe that I speak on behalf of all the people of the internets, that starting the distribution of new software that gets installed in people's computer without user's knowledge, for the sole purpose of gathering intelligence reports of how the computer is being used.

Finnish legislator has only made it legal, now it is up to officials to figure out, what to make out of this law. Officials seem to be tempted of this new tool. "When legislator gives us a tool, of course we want to use it. Although it is not simple or cheap", Chief inspector Chief Timo Piiroinen told to Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish).