Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Do you believe in Theological Atheism?

Author of the blog writes about how he ended up to be a Theological Atheist. Scene's middle act is about growing up, and most of those are made-up for those with literal conscience. The ending is about why Stephen Hawking might have been up to something, and the Author agrees smiling.

I was raised as a Christian, and I had Jesus (or Jaysus) in my mind when going to sleep, and waking up. But I wasn't born Christian, and I did not end one - as far as I can tell. I can't point out the actual moment, when I stopped being a Christian. I probably was never a good Christian either. I did say my prayers. I even tried to haggle with God, which I think plenty of Christians still do, like trading favours of doing good deeds, and expecting in return fame, wealth, love, and excellent On The Ball skills of Champion's League level.  It was roundabouts twelve when I realised that I wasn't connected to the almighty and throwing rocks at people who disappoint me -god.

I must admit that the following teenage angst phase wasn't any easier without the almighty watchful eye above me. Maybe I would have become a better person with a lot of goodness in my heart to share if Eastern Bunny and Santa Claus would have been there for me. Probably I would have used half of my life feeding the poor, and striving for peace if I would have taken the Burning Bush inside my heart instead of my lungs. Instead I became the beloved and feared champion of The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. I was so full of the God thing that the only thing worst then people preaching and subjugating to Christianity was the holocaust.

Teenage years and early adulthood was spent either studying other religions, history, and philosophy, or promoting free-mindedness and Atheism. But not without a cost. I have been almost always ready to take the challenge of battling out in the philosophical battlefield of beliefs, mostly advocating against God, or by going to the laughable degrees of demanding evidence of the forces unseen. Some could argue that I have taken the scientific road, the liberal biased view, or even the ugly and godless reality based world view, which to my own defend isn't all that I got.

Maybe arts in all of it's forms is a god to someone, or at least a something that is opposed to reality as being more than just physics. Philosophy of ideas that are not bound to any physical form although manifests itself in the space-time continuum of atoms.

During that miserable, and almost unbearable time, I found out about Stephen Hawking by accident mostly. He had written this nice little book about The History of Time. Which is a good book, if you are not too much into that shit about physics undergraduate level, nor to that the History Is Always Accurate kind of nonsense.

He threw this quick explanation about the expanding universe. The idea was that by following the red shift, a color affecting stars' colors, scientist could explain the idea how the stars in our galaxy are going away from each other, and in the middle there is a huge black hole which tries to capture all the runaway stars. And they could also use the idea to somehow explain the age of the universe. Current estimate is about 13,4 - 13,8 billion years. It's funny how astronomical measures can be like measured to very close to, approximately, take or leave, here and now, about few hundred millions of years. But this is my opinion only

But as a true scientist, he also wrote in his book, that it could be possible that God wanted us to see the universe that way, hence making a compromise between the Creationist's believes of Earth being around 5000-7000 years old, and the other explanation where you could include the few hundreds of millions of years, take or leave a few billions.

This is where I am.

I am an Atheist, who believes that there is no God. Still I would like to make compromises even though mother taught me not to do any, cause then you will have to do those for the rest of your life.

Maybe God intended me to be an Atheist. I want to believe in that. And here I pronounce the faith of the Theological Atheism born. Join me. God wants you to be an Atheist.

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