Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Susan Anne White Recognizes the Arrival of the 1900s

It seems that Ireland is getting to the 1900s sooner than expected. This evidence was brought to me by Susanne Anne White as covered in the Independent yesterday. As you probably are aware (cause you know what is Internet, and you were able to find here) things like Feminism formed itself with pioneer thinkers like Simone De Beauvoir, Rock'n'Roll conquered the whole wide world about 50 years ago, and from the ruins of two World Wars rose European Economic Community, or the European Union as it is commonly known these days.

White is against all these things, but she doesn't regard herself as an extremist, as she sees that the society has moved, and back in the old good days people would have shared her views. They would have probably partied like it was 1899 again if it wasn't for those long haired what-you-calls-them.

But if you don't know what the internet is, and you are reading this from a paper that your holy padre brought to you as evidence of the Devil being close then you might agree with several of White's points. Rock'n'roll music decapitates holy matrimony, fuels sexual anarchy, and there is a connection to drugs. And the Devil said it was a good thing, and rock'n'roll Atheists celebrated in the orgy of death (or Friday as we tend to call it).

But she doesn't stop there. Gays should be jailed, adulterers should be imprisoned, and feminists should be - well, she really doesn't propose anything bad for Feminists. Only that because of them the idea of man as a provider for the family has decayed, and ladies are forced to work instead of being little baby ovens.

It seems that a woman standing for election to have women returned back to the kitchen from the public life doesn't lack anything in the irony shop. Wait till she hears about the Yes Equality movement.

ps. If you are reading this post from the paper don't wonder about those blue letters. We call them links. It's basically the same thing as in those (old) adventure books where you are required to turn to a certain page to continue the adventure, and you could go on and read it again, and again, and make different decisions, and have completely different adventure. Tomorrow people also play video games, and some of them don't take the concept of God too seriously.

edit: Check this Metro's photo of her campaign promises.

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