Saturday, May 20, 2017

Welcome to Sinn Fein

I am not the only one who sees that the politics in crisis. In a countries where there is a freedom to vote, people abstain using that power that a lots of other people used gunpowder, ink and manpower to achieve.

There are not many good reasons to avoid the crisis. There are too many good things in life and too little trustworthy parties to just go for it. For me it was kind of easy. I've been a party member before, I know the crisis (for me it has been that parties should be judged by their goals and their doings). I've been and I still am a member of organized and less organized political movements. Sinn Fein is not the most leftist or a liberal party of Ireland, but it's hefty lot more credible than the labour party. It kind of reminds me of a party that I used to belong. It was Left Alliance back in Finland. It wasn't the most liberal and the most to the left, but it was the party whose other member wanted positions themselves there.

When I joined Sinn Fein I was actually surprised that somebody called me, just to check what kind of a member I wanted to be. I was happy with the idea that I just join the party and can support it with my subscription fee. I got surprised by that proactiviness I did enjoy it even though I could have lived without it.

We met with this Party Worker (I don't know if it's appropriate to say his name as this is a public blog), and his reason was only that because we work from the grassroot-level (my words, not his) that we want to know what people want to do in the party. People can be supporters, and it's a big thing; Joining a party is already a big step because you are aligning yourself with the ideas of a party.

To keep it short.
There might be some political stuff on this blog.
I wanted to write about Finnish government possible trying to make slavery official.
It is nice to write stuff.
I enjoy writing.

This is not a poem.

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