Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to talk diplomatically at the coffee tables of Catalonia

It should be clear that this week's political, and unpolitical, discussions at workplace, home, and bus will be about Catalonia. But what if you are not studied history, or didn't even know that Spain might be an issue.

I have prepared a few easy getaways on how to participate in a friendly, and sometimes sarcastic, way to all the discussions concerning Catalonia for the following week until you can capture what is really happening.

Crowds gather to await the result of the Independence referendum at the Placa de Catalunya on October 1, 2017 in Barcelona
BBC/Getty Images

- Lenin called one-party systems centralised democracy. These days there are not so many who believe socialism should be instated with tanks, and concentration camps. I don't think people would vote for Lenin.

- Greece is the cradle of civilisation in many ways, and it is very close to Spain.

- It takes a certain way of thinking to shoot elderly people with rubber bullets. Then again in Israel it is kind of cool to drive over kids with tanks. I believe in Israel's right to existence by the way.

- Not all Nato Countries are Police States but all Nato countries have a police.

- Democracy should be used with wise and care. That is why we have politicians elected. I am not a politician by the way.

- Police brutality might be a good word to describe violence but I would still wait until we have a clear picture of what actually happened. Videos can be used for propaganda as we all know.

- European Union cannot police all their member states. Some problems are better left for people to decide upon. Remember what happened to Soviet Union?

- If there's not going to be a Rambo movie about it - it's probably not that bad.

With these 8 random one-liner(ishe)s you can nail the coffee table talks, and get enough to time to delve yourself into it.
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