Sunday, May 27, 2012

Few reasons not to leave Dublin - or come to Dublin

Totally Dublin (TD) produced 200 reasons for not leaving Dublin. It's mostly written for somebody whose family line might be located close to Dublin for generations (at least one).  The list is not in any fashioned form emphasizing better reasons upon worse.

So here is a short list of reasons put into different categories.

Respect your shoe polisher
The use of chemical substances or the otherwise lacking respect for things considered gratious are treated differently in Dublin than let's say in Buckingham palace.
  • "If the Lady Liberty was here, it’d be called The Clown In The Crown."
  • Alcoholism. "There’s actually serious social stigma attached to that in other countries"
  • Referring to politicians by their first name. Michael D. Higgins is Michael D. 
  • Cheeky kids. If a kid tells you, he likes your hair, he thinks your hair looks stupid and you're an idiot. "The city’s children are amongst the world’s most sarcastic." Author of this blog is just being diplomatic.
It's just like everywhere else, but better
It's not like people invented potatoes in Ireland, but they are better here than anywhere else. If you're unsure where potatoes came from, then please visit google maps. It's that big island few thousand miles west of Ireland.
  • Burritos are "everywhere, but they’re probably full of fancy stuff and complications. Stick to Boojum, Pablo Picante and Burritos & Blues."
  • Vikings. They needed parking space for their boats before going on rampage stealing gold and burning monastries. "That’s way cooler than pilgrims", reasons TD.
  • Salted butter. "The disappointing, colourless slop that passes for butter in every other country in the world is a disgrace to bread."
  • Low risk of invasion. Basically it's like Switzerland except on an island.
  • Pubs that are institutions. "-- each better than any pub in any other country. Science fact." A bit like Tavastia or Juttutupa in Helsinki.
  • Poker. Different game and you have to be sober. Otherwise it's the same game.
Actually worth mentioning
This category is probably the most important, if you're really into the distinctive nature of Dublin, otherwise it's just some concepts people are copying around the world.
  • Pints of Guinness. I won't copypaste TD's review. I'll just point out that there's a difference.

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