Monday, October 22, 2012

After the IPO weekend: trouble with Boylepoker and the final table pronounced

This year IPO missed one decent player, who should have been there playing: me. I had trouble registering to Boylepoker, which is the only way to buy tickets. Hindrances in the development of social security system has also a few drawbacks when it comes to proving your own identity. Although customs in most countries around the world, including Ireland, use passports as main proof of identity, here in Ireland that is just a perk which opens you doors a lot faster. I have opened my account in Boylepoker few months ago and I got my account suspended because I could only produce a copy of my passport, but no proof of address. When I finally got my proof of address delivered to Boylepoker's customer service agents, it didn't do no good. Why, you might wonder. Well, the proof of address I produced is for my current address, but not to the one which I gave when I registered. I had also an understandable excuse for this, for I had moved to a new address and my previous address would have been invalid anyways. But for some reason, this was not good enough for the good lads of Boylepoker.

IPO is probably the Europe's biggest poker tournament with lots of amateurs playing. This year's final table didn't give any surprises. The table is full of amateurs of sorts and no famous poker pros. There aren't any big winners in the final table, but people with lots of experience. Some of the players have been playing poker for ten years with one exception; Colum Horan, an accountant from Dublin, says he has been playing poker for 11 months, not ten or twelve, but eleven months. Maybe the subtle knowing of numbers gives an edge to the newcomer of poker.

10th of November the new champion will be pronounced. Maybe I'll get my identity cleared by the IPO 2013 or else there is going to be a very sad pokerpanda.

Last weekend I mostly played Mass Effect.

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