Monday, October 8, 2012


And the story continues. We're did we leave off? Oh yes, the girl was finally ready to confront her true feelings. Careerminded man was out in the dark. Everything hadn't been going well at work. There we're even some financial issues mentioned, but appearances we're kept well.  There was a tragic ending to marriage. Marriages sometimes end bad. It was a fairy tale gone bad. There we're even children involved.

If you're looking for a great antihero, then you should get interested in Jeff Lindsay's work: the books and the tv-series based on Lindsay's work. Although the similiraties with the book and the tv-series is like comparing Christian Bale's Batman to Adam West's Batman. Mostly, I mean in the good way. The book series offers great sense of humour to cerial killing. The newer version of the tv-model stands mostly on it's own merits like earlier mentioned Batmans. Even though the tv-show never really shows the dark humour which infests in Dexter Morgan's mind, but it still gets of the ground, just to say that the tv-series has a great cast. For my kind of a boring and a passive guy, it seems easier to not let your imagination ruine great characters. And just to spoil most of the stuff already: most of the cast in tv doesn't live to see the next sequel. And those who die in the series continue to live in the books for what their limbs are worth.

Now after seeing the first two episodes of Dexter's 7th season and after reading first three books of Jeff Lindsay, it feels like experiencing two parallel universe of fiction. It's like you've been thrown from this life to another and you feel two perfect universes joint together and neither one of them is the reality.

On my behalf I must say, I'm a new fan. I started watching the show during last spring. Then I heard that the books are bit more wicked. I just wanted to read the first one, just to get the idea of how these two art forms with the same topic differ from each other. Having to say that, if you are feeling going to the dark side, you have to feel both sides of the dark passenger. One cannot simply just read a few books and watch couple of seasons of Dexter.

I don't know how much this season differs from the books, but it seems that I have three more books to be read before next week. Dexter Morgan is still a mystery to me, but I like the way that big budgets sometimes like to take risks with storylines. The show reminds me a lot of Desperate Housewives. Those who have taken to like Desperate Housewives, will probably find something comfortable in that sinister world, where you can never really take sides with anyone.

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