Friday, March 22, 2013

Star Wars is coming to town

It is a very rare treat that a theater can use a well-known and heavily copyrighted material. For example, no group without money could do Tolkien or Matrix on stage without first consulting the copyright owners. Although, for example, George Lucas has allowed people to do fanfiction as long as they give out the proper disclaimer, and don't make money out of it. And in some rare cases, he even allows people to make living out of it.

And that's the beef of this post.

I think the first time that I found out about Charlie Ross, was by an accident. I was watching theater improves at Youtube (okay, I was watching cat and Star Wars videos when I accidentally wrote Cat Wars). At first Ross adapted the first Star Wars movie to be performed by himself, and with a good feedback, and a gracious nod from George Lucas himself, he started to tour with his show. The show naturally spread to cover the original trilogy as a whole. I believe I found Ross sometime between 2005 and 2006. And I dreamed about doing the same stuff in Finland, or even  better yet, produce Charlie Ross' show.

Yesterday somebody gave me a link to his homepage stating that this might interest me. Then I reacted as I normally do when I want to be obnoxious bastard, and shouted: "Old! I saw that dude at Youtube before you learned to write theater correctly (I still use the English version 'theatre' often, but bloggers proofreader always highlights it)". But just for the nostalgia, I decided to investigate guy's homepage, and then it struck me. Ross is going to be performing here in Dublin next month for a week. Jolly jeepers, gosh, gesundheit, bless you, and Holy patrimony I said, and my friend nodded with a unspoken gesture: "I knew this might interest me".

Here's a teaser. I believe this was originally made to promote Pepsi when the new trilogy was wasting people's time. I might be working. I don't have enough journalistic integrity at the moment to check my facts. So enjoy, and make your reservations, but not too soon, I still haven't gotten my own ticket. Tickets can be reserved from the ticketmaster. Show is played at the Gaiety theatre.

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