Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ireland is loosening the backing up of banks

It seems that the Irish politicians are figuring out, that it's not in the best interest of the poor or the rich, to guarantee banking in this country. At least when it comes to socialising deficits and letting the bankers to go with the profits.

Michael Noonan announced that Ireland will stop giving that special care to bankers. But will this be enough for the economy to go "normal"? This is Captain Hindsight talking, but it doesn't seem fair that banks will be paid if somebody can't afford to pay their loans, but those who owe to banks still owe to the banks. I might be a bit slow, and my education is based on the Finnish educational system, and my opinions are only based on to the people I trust my money with, but it seems a bit - no exaggerations - unfair.

It would seem fairer for all the participants in the economical field to have comparable changes of opportunity to win, and in cases of losing, having same probable consequences. Now it seems that many households are still holding the dead man's hand, while the banks win championships of poker with ten-deuces off every year.

But at least this country hasn't lost it's sense of humour. Government will probably still get their vote of confidence through every voter's own argumentation. On my behalf, I should use more of my time tuning into the political field of Ireland, just in case it would help me to understand how politics is understood by the so called common man.

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