Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Five Reasons to Be Against Abortion

There is a good few of you folks who still needs reasoning against abortion. We all know it, and we know what already happened when gays were allowed to get married. God doesn't live in this country as strong as it used to. I think the strongest reason why we failed there was because we were not reasoning enough. Before the kettle of hell gets turn to us as a nation we should all figure out how to fight the next level of Satanism, and Abortionism. So write these down. These are the five good reasons why abortion should not be allowed.

1. The Polish

Did you know that after the Schengen deal, most of the Europeans that came to Ireland were the ones from Poland? There are more people speaking Polish than Irish. According to eurostats there are more people moving to Ireland than from anywhere else. Think about this?!? Enda Kenny might be required to have a simultaneous translator from Irish to English, and then to Polish, just because of all those ladies who had an abortion in Poland. The good lady always stays home, and what are they doing here right now?!? Not just taking jobs, but also protesting for abortion.

2. Eiffel Tower

Did you know that Eiffel Tower is more than 300 meters tall? You probably did not know that. French also built the Statue of Liberty. They also were very rebellious against the Monarchy, just like Irish did. What do they do with that easiness?!? They build a fekking tower which some could find a bit like a penis looking, and who do like penises the most?!? The ladies who are driven by the devil, and don't want to get married. They just want to get pregnant, just to have an abortion, because they like to visit France. 

3. Aer Lingus

It is probably a bad moment to talk about Aer Lingus, but as you know the bible says

 "They would none of my counsel: they despised all myreproof."

And this is why it never works the same way as Ryan Air. Of course the other company can take where ever you want to go, but you should never forget that there is no such thing as a cheap abortion. Think about the brimstone, and then think about flying planes. Think about the Aisling, the daughter of Ireland. Were would you be now if we would have been using Aer Lingus just to get an abortion?!? Think about that.

4. Personality

If you have ever seen a pregnant woman, you will know by heart that there is a living, and breathing thingie inside the mother. That's why it is already perfectly a good situation to do personality tests to them. Hardest part is to get your voice heard through the pregnant people, and that's why normal people use amplifiers. They can raise your voice's normal strength to as high as 120 db. which allows you to make reasonable questions to the child. You can ask him/her questions like which colour do you like the most? This red, or this blue. Of course you might laughing because children cannot speak at that time. They are not even breathing. BUT WOULD YOU LIKE TO MURDER THIS LOVELY PERSONALITY, just because you hate god. I think not. You want to cherish that pile of DNA as a person of free will. 

5. Donald Duck

Name your ten favourite cartoons. You can even name five, and they probably have a Disney brand on them. Think about the world where that would not be possible. That would only be possible because the evil atheists killed Walt Disney, and with him, the angry bird, and all the musical animations that you love. Would you like to be the abortionist of your family?!? Think again!

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