Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Clever Headlines Are Not What They Used To Be

"In the old days. Days when even the Nostalgia was better. You noticed that clever timejump wordplay? Well, it's too late to play with time travel when you already got this far.  Unless we try to undermine the original premisses. That is only if we don't go that far back in time - only to the moment when the actual change in headlines happened - and not go too far. Would that be okay? Are you a man from the future talking to me? Or am I just talking to myself?", he responded.

"They are all very good questions, but they are not even touching the interface of How Language Has Changed During All These Years -App. ", was shown on the screen opposite of the mall hall. She didn't really react to the man talking about "days when", "Nostalgia", "man from the future", and "am I just talking to myself." It all seemed so eerie. Misty as a hall full of people could ever be. But they did not know half of it.

You don't know yet how, but the next paragraph is going to start with a small reference to the structure. And it is going to end to the conclusion.

It is trying to reflect itself from the headline without realising that the headline is just a foreword before the afterword. At least then the headlines used to make sense.

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