Sunday, August 30, 2015



1. Atheists are probably the worst with morality. In the worstest of the worse cases they are acting kindly knowingly that there is no higher force to punish them.

2. Obnoxiousness of Atheists is peculiar. They jump on against every explanation of how the universe was created but when challenged back to give a better explanation, they know nothing.

3. Silly is the idea of universe created out of nothingness. Sillier is the idea that nothing created everything. Still some of them say that they don't know.

4. Paradoxes should be broken down to at least two categories. Those that are paradoxes, and those that are not. We can put it to a poll. Or to a referendum.

5. You cannot choose your beliefs unless you are an Atheist. Then it is always a choice. At least that's what Atheists say to Theists when they ask why they are Atheists. Theists think that Atheists are trying to be funny.

6. If there wouldn't be so many cinematic versions of Bible then the Game of Thrones would be challenged every year. Not with just dragons. The cast would be a lot bigger, and they would all die. And if an important character dies the writers would make the character come back even after the death. The Bold And The Beautiful has run over 20 years.

7. What is the religion of Jedis called? Is it Jedism, or Jeduism?

8. Followers of Zen seem to be asking a lot of questions and even answering them with a question, don't they? Are those Zen dudes really that stupid?

9. Matrix-trilogy is a much better movie series if you think that Neo never got out of the Matrix. Matrixception.

10. Only a few people critical towards religion knew how to use footnotes. Look where they are now.

11. Someday there is going to be a thing called iReligion. Probably from the PC people. There is nothing wrong or bad about products with an apple logo. First people afraid of the brand were performing on Betamax.

12. There probably was a man who had an apple falling to his head. I don't know if he was actually called philosopher because of that. It might have actually been an appraisal at that time so I don't want to take it away from him either.

Newer production

Children should be let to decide their own names. As long as we want to believe that they are able to do it.

Do you have one cigarette to spare? Regardless of the thank you's, you shouldn't be smoking.

I've been watching dead children floating on the line of water and sun. They might be dead. Could be fake. Somebody calls them illegal.
(In Finnish somebody called them welfare surfers)

The fortress I live in is not the language I stay in.

There is no magic in writing poetry. It just happens a letter at the time. In thoughts there are pictures as well, but no magic. They always come out clear.

I've done my private research is the new expert. Luckily I'm no expert to say otherwise.

Blogger who is against the mainstream media should be aware of the count of his readers.

It's funny how cool the weather is when you are thinking how hot the debate about climate is. Hopefully they will meet halfway the Köppen.

My first sip of cognac was the most distasteful act of oral injection. I feel nostalgic about the toothpastes that taste like candy.

I've read a study that clever people have a ready-to-use grammar of 1000 words all the time, and normal people have only like 200. I used 140 already on Monday.

Psychology is like horoscopes but with a scientific methodology. People who believe in it want to cure themselves.

Guy in debt is the most gracious. Guy owning all the debts avoids taxes. I'm just the middle man in the company. You will play again - we are counting on it.

There are two kinds of managers I like. The ones who are supporting my work and the ones that keep distance.

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