Tuesday, December 1, 2015

My wordz are my moralities

Human rights should not be delivered from your nationality
Human rights are delivered from nationality
There are people with no nationalities at all
They are taxed
But they are present
Not represented

Human rights are repressed differently inside nations
Humans should not defuse themselves into nations
One wrong doesn't make other right
Right wrong doesn't make right wrong
Doing wrong by mistake is no law at all
Governing all by law doing wrong should be wrong

These wordz are only spelled wrong
Pronounced they sound everything but wrong
Try to slice every concept of previously stated words to a wrong
And wrong are you doing by the before mentioned wrongs

It is not I that should be wrongly accused for my words
It's my words that should be accused for accruing rights to wrongs

Wrong law is better than no law at all
No law is a world without rights or wrongs
Every law should be proven right from the wrong
Every day no play not here no foul
Standing up against wrong law is truthfully better than no love for law
Rebelling against a law without love is standing up against the right law

Law that represents morals might be a good start
Revolutions take that good start into a good law
Good laws present the precedence with good 
Good precedence might not represent the good at all
The good are the first to go when the precedence go wrong
Wrong reasons to show all the good where they might wrong
Right cause for righteous laws
for there is no good for wrong the right law

Law for wordz
Wordz for love
Love right to write wrong laws
Law against writing laws wrong

Thy thigh is why my laws of wordz always go wrong.

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