Friday, October 14, 2016

Epitaph of Nobel

I'm trying to find reasons why the artist formerly known as Robert Zimmerman should not get the Nobel for Literature. Norwegians are already giving the peace price for anybody just for pretending to try.
Jean-Paul Sartre refused of the mentioned acknowledgment because he didn't want literature to become an institution. Later on he changed his mind but the Swedish academy of Sciences wanted to respect the artist's previous stronger performance and declined. And Bob still played a concert in a small Danish pub at the change of the Millennium.
Darion Fo's sarcastic and playful playwrights are short stories compared to some of the previous winners. The ones that kind of gave precedent for Harold Pinter's win. Both were mostly playwrights and were never considered truthfully authors in the long play of marathon novelists. And Bob wrote even shorter pieces.
Doris Lessing wrote a lot about white people living in Africa, about strong and sneaky women, and about men who were not destined to do big things but to fail in the long run. Men and women spent hours to finish her books. And Bob's lyrics still make people think is "it an accident made into a rhyme, or a rhyme to make the poem stand?"
At least all the winners have written. The Norwegian assembly should learn about the premises of making notes of great people at work. If Dylan would have won the peace prize somebody would have criticized the peace prize again for giving it into the wrong hands.
At least he wrote something about peace. We should give literature prices for people who write pieces about peace. We should do it in all categories. I believe that was Nobel's idea. Peace out.

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