Saturday, September 24, 2016

Comfortable monologue for oneself

I meant to publicsh thszich here:

My Rant (written for a female actor, can also be a male)
1. Only to be spoken out loud
2. Where people can smoke
3. Inside
4. Can also be done outside
5. Has to be to the letter
6. The speaker, or the spoker, or the midnight joker
7. Must get it right on the first run
8. Must be
9. Alive
10. Thinier than the olympic athletes
11. But not as thin as the female beauty contestants
12. Could be cool
13. If they would rule
14. The dynasty that they become
15. would be fun
16. Tiny breasts or little buts they shall not have
17. Bigger bottoms they might keep as they are --
18. this should rhyme, resonate, or dare I say it
19. Somebody died
20. more intelligent, more kind, more animal than you and I
21. Nature says, nature does, and it doesn't hold, oh dear, your eye

Rest in Peace
I'm glad I can bury
Into the hole
All that is whole

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