Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finnish police will start distributing malware in a year

As I wrote about this absurdity of confiscating 9-year old girl's Winnie The Pooh -laptop couple of months ago for piracy, my subtext was about that there is something seriously wrong in Finland. It seems, that even though Finland gets very good ratings for their educational system and the IT know-how is in a very good shape, the legislator seems to be unaware of the laws being written.

In 2014 new police law will be enforced in Finland. Legislator has thought it to be a good idea for police officials to start distributing malware.

When thinking of all the norty little things done in the cyberworld, it seems uncalled that officials starts to do something that, I believe without looking the statistics,  most internet users think as being malicious, unthoughtful and unfair. And again, I only believe that I speak on behalf of all the people of the internets, that starting the distribution of new software that gets installed in people's computer without user's knowledge, for the sole purpose of gathering intelligence reports of how the computer is being used.

Finnish legislator has only made it legal, now it is up to officials to figure out, what to make out of this law. Officials seem to be tempted of this new tool. "When legislator gives us a tool, of course we want to use it. Although it is not simple or cheap", Chief inspector Chief Timo Piiroinen told to Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish).

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