Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Jenny

Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. That's common knowledge, so common, that you don't have to explain to anyone, where it's from. Also Lord of the Rings; it also common - nobody is expected to have read to fekin trilogy to know what is a hobbit.

If somebody knows what these beforemenionted jackasses are about, they usually want to make sure that they know their stuff. By sword if necessary.

I'm different. I learned that the person I love, and probably enjoy anyways, has not seen Star Wars. I was not going the be the one who  forces her the see the original trilogy, because of it. We were watching Boondocks Saints II, when I threw a joke about it: "You've have not probably seen Indiana Jones movies either", and this was because she enjoyed the Skyfall-flick, and this is the first Bond-movie I liked. Later on, I understood that there are lots of films, which I'm referring to, but she only understands the referendum-jokes, because it's so common knowledge.

What started as a Joke, is going to be a project. Because everyone knows why they like those movies, which should be a part of common knowledge.

This is Project Jenny. This a list of movies, she should have been seen, but she hasn't, but there should be a reason why she should see them. Funny part is this: She explained to me why I missed all the good parts while  watching Machete.

So if people could explain why Jenny should see these (at least) movies:
- Star Wars IV-Vi (from New Hope to Jedi xxxx)
- Indiana Jones (everyone of them)
- Casablanca (where the "play it again, Sam" comes from)
- Gone with the wind (this is the one with the "dear Frank, I give a damn, no, not this one, what was the line again, oh yeah, Dear Frank my damn goes again, no that's not it, it's Dearly Frank, I write this as I am and beloved, no this is not the line neither, please forgive me, I will do it perfectly if somebody could help me to memorise the line")
- Citizen Kane (I'm actually not sure if she has seen this one)
- Godfather 1 and (third one is a comeback-movie,which explains why "I try to get out, but they always pull me back in")
- Back to the Future
- Matrix 2, and 3
- Reservoir dogs (and everyone of Tarantino's movies: "I don't like violent movies -- but you should see Macete")

And this is the the list so far, but, and there is always a but, I find myself trying to explain why these movies should have been seen already. But my reasonings are even more than just faulty. I would like people to give me reasoins why Jenny should see these movies. This list is probably going to be alive, because she she says to lots of movie, which I like, but she doesn't see the reason to watch those.She has seen Ghostbusters of course, but she doesn't see any reason to watch mentioned movies.

What I ask: Contribute to project Jenny
Project Jenny: Tell why certain movies should be seen (list might change) - name the movie and the reasons!


  1. Well Jaakko I think that you should forget about your quite normal (for men anyway) desire to put Jenny in a princess Leia slave costume.
    And just accept the harsh reality of life:
    "Chicks dig chick flicks". So now you need to
    watch a ton of them so you can use them as your common reference. Of course you WILL feel pretty neutered at first when you run around quoting "Sex in the city", "Bridget Jones diary" ect.
    But the result justify the means. ;)

  2. Well, I'm a movie buff myself..

    Casablanca, Citizen Kane and Gone With The Wind are timeless classics. You cannot really claim interest in movies without having seen these at least once.

    Matrix 2 and 3 - well, there aren't really any good reason to see those, tbh. They're not really all that good.

    Star Wars, the original trilogy, is very important. There will be new Star Wars movies coming out very soon (from Disney), and in order to fully understand and appreciate these new movies, you will need to have seen all 6 of the original movies. Plus, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. If you have even a slight interest in science-fiction or action movies, these movies are an absolute must.

    Indiana Jones and Back to the Future (the trilogies, forget Crystal Skull for now), well, come on, legendary adventure movies for the whole family. Everybody loves Indy and Marty!

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe those real old classics just needs that moment that they are watched. Maybe somebody should just spam the facebook with Casablanca links for one day and that would settle it.

    Maybe the family aspect could spring new interest to Mcfly's and Jones' heritage. Good point. I'll follow up on that one.