Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Like a Pope

It started as an idea: "Will 'downshifting like a pope'" become the new euphemism to mean relaxing, taking it easy, the zen of traffic, or something alike. But the whole world seemed to be open. This serious, although senile ex-nazi with an imaginery friend, is a meaningful icon for so many of us, that it was almost unavoidable that there would be some other remarks made about the resignation of the Pope.

One of my good ones was that if the Facebook, which seems to be a popebook for awhile, had a possibility of making someone a pope. "Somebody poped you. Do you want to pope him/her back?" could be the future feature of Facebook.

Although Facebook had a bad start in the stock market, when they released a lot of stocks, which lost lot of their value in a short amount of time. Luckily, Facebook is still kicking and making money, it's like a miracle. They had the quickest fall of stock price in near history, but the company didn't have to go bankrupt. Could that be like "going Pope". Like losing value, but still kicking.

When Benedict the 16th (or how the Latin-speaking world remembers him as Benedict the XVI) gave out his shock resignation, I think many thought that "one cannot just pope and stop". I even believe that if it's true that Benny's bodyguards have to give a vow promising to take the bullet for the guy; the vow probably includes that you should "never lose the Pope". This could also be a part of his personal assistant's job description. At least if you think how seniles the CEOs have been.

As living in a Catholic country, which is somehow known for a vast use of drugs (including alcohol), it would be reasonable to assume that there would be a game for children to test their ability to pronounce English words as fast as they can. "How much dope would a pope dope, if a pope would dope pope" might be very soon a part of the official curriculum for children under eight. I won't go any farther that road on my thought. It seems that lots of Pope's employees have done that journey and gotten away with a few Ave Marias.

I shouldn't pope too much, as there is probably going to be a debate of what it means if the Disco Guy of Vatican stops discoing. And by disco, it can be fair to say, that haven't seen during my whole life a guy who is so much into gaypimp-style, and still be in a closet. Seriously dudes, that hat, those shoes, and that amazing long gown. Seriously, what the pope?!?

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