Wednesday, February 13, 2013

While waiting a bus

You would think that it would be hard to start thinking about transportation for hobby. I mean, there are like 6 billion people here, and nobody really has a small talk subject ready for transportation the same way they do about weather. When people talk about transportation, they are not really engaged to small talk, but preferably they are trying to find a scapegoat for why their project is late, sometimes the project being the individuals themselves who are late for meetings, work, children, or something similar, which they try to avoid anyways. Luckily I had time to think about this little intro while I was waiting for a bus for 45 minutes.

Dublin bus just raised their ticket fares a few months ago.  Reasoning behind it was, that people would start using more buses, which is good for environment. Hmmm. There is something I would like to point out, but it seems they are right. Education and health is only appreciated if you want to pay money for it. Look at all those pharmaceutical companies which are getting billions of euros, just for promoting health. So if they would double their fares people wouldn't be using anything that buses.

I think people use buses when they are on time and are helpful for people trying to move themselves from a location A to a location B. Those yellow things seem to achieve that goal sufficiently, and local people here know that those timetables that are shown on bus stops are really for movies. Because, wouldn't you, if you were a movie producer or a director making a movie in Dublin, want to have a bus stop for the scene involving a timetable? That's apparently the sole reason for those markers. It's also easier to find a bus stop.

Going in and out of buses is fairly an easy process. When going in you throw some money in a box and tell the driver how much there is in the box, and the driver prints you an ticket stating that amount. Someone, more intelligent and creative than I am, might find a way to abuse this. I'm just trying to have correct amount of small change readily available at all times. I'm very good at it. I never have large amounts of change.

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