Saturday, February 2, 2013

To culturalismos to being too hot to handle hikes

If I could start a post with the word "I", I would, but something in my nature forbids me to start anything that starts with my own ambitions. But I'm going to just shed a light of some organisational business, that I got involved. I think it will be good for me, and for the rest of the Irish society. I'm already comfortable complaining about things, just like the sovereign Irish do. Like tiny little bosses. My complaining is more like a part of getting comfortable with the things that should be better.

There is a saying, if somebody can't do it, do it better yourself. So I have almost decided to become a route and timing planner for Dublin bus. At the moment there are no openings on that section at the I'm also planning to be the host of a Pub Quiz, which has sure questions, and a very uptight judge who decides what is the closest answer to a question about the name of the band, which John F. Kennedy would be playing with, if he would be alive.

On that note, it must be commented that I was today at the Irish-Finnish Society's annual meeting. Quick to say, I'm now also a part of some subcommittee or likewise of the forementioned club of friendly people helping other people to be friendly, and to be aware of the awesome relationship between Irish and le fölks of Finland. People who would know my political, or comparable, background would say that, now there is going to be some serious shit down, or about to hit the fan. History will speak it's own language.

Anyways I met this guy who has some kind of cultural attendance of things that seem great, even if the audience with the big bucks ain't around. He is having a tribute to Neil Young on next week's saturday at a place close to the central, but I forgot the name of the band.

Also in the news. I'm going on my first gig here in Ireland on 18th of May. I'm giving a welcomed kick in the arse for one of the most amazing voices that the world hasn't heard of before. News coming up later on. During this abrupt moment of saying so much by saying nothing, I'm going to need some ideas for how to pursue my idea of making Lose Yourself a even better arrangement than Eminem meant.

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